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Designed to take a comfortable look at your vulva. Our Mirror reflects both in daylight and in the dark, allowing you to explore your body in an intimate way. 
  • USB-C chargeable (cable optional*)
  • Enhances visibility in the dark
  • Ergonomically shaped
*Use code 'NOCABLE' at check out to minimize environmental impact and get a €2 discount.

3 reasons why

Take control of your body image

We have an understanding of our anatomy from pictures or porn, but all anatomy of vulvas is unique, natural, and beautiful.

Get in touch with your sexuality

It’s important to get to know your own body well. Getting a better idea of what you look like helps you discover what brings you pleasure and what you don’t like. When having sex with a partner, it’s easier to indicate what you enjoy.

Become pro-active about your health

You know your body best. Being able to look at yourself from all angles can help you to tell the difference when something feels off.

Product status

Why Pre-Order?

After testing a first batch of the final product, we are now ready to scale up our production. By working with a pre-order, you help us with investing in developing the whole collection. The next pre-order is scheduled for November 2020, when we will launch the Brush!

We are working on making the Mirror available across the world. It is currently licensed for EU sale only. Please let us know if you want one outside the EU, that will help us getting the right licensing.

Launch Mirror

The Mirror is now officially launched. Since early October, you can order directly from our stock.  We will keep expanding our website, and will be working on the development and launch of our next products. Want to stay updated? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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Customer reviews

No more mystery: Let me see!


I ordered the mirror because I want to get to know my own body better. I want to discover every piece of it.


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