Our story

"We are on a mission to make sex pleasurable for everyone."

Nienke Helder & Inge Keltjens

Why we started Sexual Healing.

Our interest in sexual health originated from personal experience with sexual dysfunctions. We realized there are so many taboos around sexuality that it is causing a lack of accessibility and knowledge to care for sexual health issues. Everyone has a different experience of sexuality. Nuance and flexibility are essential parts.

We started our design process with interviewing both healthcare professionals and experts by experience, and continue developing our products with their input. Finding a way to explore your body and discover your sexuality in a safe and non-clinical way are some of the most important reasons for starting Sexual Healing. 

With Sexual Healing we want to break taboos with an honest approach and offer new perspectives. We do this by actively increasing and sharing our knowledge. In this way, we want to continue building bridges between science and real sex lives.


Nienke Helder

“After experiencing sexual health problems myself, I started wondering how I could contribute to solving these issues. Using my product-design skills I made a range of objects with the aim of finding (or retrieving) a sense of security and relaxation. Because who doesn’t just want to enjoy sex? With Sexual Healing I want to broaden the research on Sexual Health, so we can spread information rather than taboos.”

Responsible for Design, Research and Ethics.

Inge Keltjens

“I am a strong believer that the body and mind are one unity that covers a full spectrum. Sexuality plays a very important role in that. In this life I think it's all about learning, understanding and respecting yourself and finding out what truly makes you happy. It’s my goal to become a rolemodel as a female entrepeneur with Sexual Healing."

Responsible for Operations, Business and Service.