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Breakthroughs take place outside the treatment room as well.

Our products are used as addition to existing treatment and help closing the gap between the clincal part and the real life experience. Allowing your clients to take control of their sexual health, in the comfort of their own home. 

In this portal for medical practitioners, sexologists, psychologists, pelvic therapists and other professionals working in the field of female and sexual health, you will find the information you need to get start working with our products.

3 reasons why

Enable more comfort and privacy to the process

Patients can experience treatment of sexual dysfunction as very clinical. Expanding with self treatment will enable a faster recovery and create more space for a personal approach. Because everyone experiences sexuality differently.

Encourage to normalise the process of getting to know your body (better)

Understanding your own body plays a huge role when improving self image. Your clients will gain knowledge that will help in communication and normalise natural processes, such as understanding your arousel process.

Breakthroughs don't always take place in the treatment room

Give your clients a way to take ownership and control of their personal recovey process towards a better sex life, in addition to existing treatment.

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