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Sexual Healing offers you ways to explore, understand, and learn from your body and mind in the comfort of your own home.

The Mirror is our first product!

Designed to take a comfortable look, the Mirror helps you to discover and learn from your body.

Customer reviews

My own sex-education was very limited and I want to normalize this topic for my one-year-old daugter. The mirror is going to be in her bedroom as decoration, so when she asks what its function is, we can open up the conversation. 


I ordered the mirror because I am pregnant for the first time. This phase in my life will bring immense changes to my body. My desire is not to alienate but to familiarise myself with these transformations. I hope the mirror will help me to accept or even love my body post-pregnancy. Plus, it is a stunning piece to have in my house.


When I was younger, my vagina was mentioned to me like it was kind off off-limit, like I wasn’t supposed to got there. When I got older, I found that quite strange and I wanted to get over it. I think it can do really positive things to your mental well-being to emotionally get closer to your body, including that part.


I ordered the mirror because I want to get to know my own body better. I want to discover every piece of it.

We are on a mission to make sex pleasurable for everyone.

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